Mum’s plea for help after dad’s ‘indigestion’ led to cardiac arrest in front of grandson

A mum has pleaded for help to send her dad back home after his ‘indigestion’ led to cardiac arres t in front of his grandson.

Sahana Prabakaran spent two months with her father Prabakaran Balasubunaidu who travelled over from India to enjoy time with family.

Aside from complaining about indigestion he appeared to be in good health.

But at the end of last month the 58-year-old suddenly collapsed in front of his grandson Vedanth, three.

BirminghamLive reported how Sahana’s husband, who live in Shropshire, administered CPR as she called for an ambulance.

Prabakaran was rushed to intensive care at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

He required three stents to be put into his heart during an emergency surgery.

But as his brain was starved of oxygen during the cardiac arrest and Sahana was been warned her dad may never be the same.

She is now trying to raise over £100,000 to get him home to southern India where the rest of his family lives

A GoFundMe page has been launched to raise funds and has already raised over £8,800.

Sahana, a project management office analyst, said: “He has no previous medical conditions and came over here on a visitor’s visa in July to see us and visit his grandson.

“About three weeks before he collapsed he was complaining of indigestion.

“He had the sensation of vomiting but without actually vomiting. Then on the day he fell ill he was walking to the bathroom and felt the sensation again.

“He went to lie down but did not feel well. I gave him some digestion medicine and he then tried to walk into the bedroom but he suddenly collapsed.

“My husband, me and my son were there. I called 999 and my husband began CPR as he wasn’t breathing.”

She continued: “Paramedics worked on him for about 30 minutes and they then took him to Wolverhampton hospital. My husband went with him and I stayed with my son.

“He went to hospital at around 2.30pm and my husband was there until 9pm. He needed three stents in his heart as emergency surgery.

“He had a heart attack and a cardiac arrest during it but luckily they managed to get it started again. But his brain was starved of oxygen for a long time.”

Sahana was called to the hospital after medics warned that he may not survive the night. His heart was working at just 33 per cent capacity.

But thankfully, he pulled through and is now off oxygen support and has been moved to a general ward. However he does not understand English well and his daughter is keen to get him home to India.

Sahana said: “He can open his eyes but he doesn’t know when you’re walking by.

“They have said it could be a reflex. He was having seizures which he is not medicated for.”

She has been told he may need care for the rest of his life.

Sahana added: “It has been very traumatic,”

“I have never seen my dad in hospital before and he was absolutely fine then in once second it completely changed.”